How can I book a session?

You can book a session online on our website through the Services tab. Under each service will have a Book a session option. You can log in through Facebook to complete the booking or register with MindBody as well. Moreover, you can call or text Stretch at 973-840-9933 to book a session!

How is this different than Physical Therapy?

Our stretch practitioners can’t diagnose, prescribe or act as a substitute for a medical examination. When someone is cleared by their doctors or has been released from Physical Therapy we can most definitely stretch out or offer soft tissue therapy services. Our main focus is preventative care as opposed to fixing an already injured area.

Are walk-ins and same day appointments available?

If there is availability and a coach is present at the time of the desired session, then yes! However, this may not always be available, so we recommend booking in advance.

What makes Stretch Recovery Lounge different?

Stretch Recovery Lounge incorporates other modalities into their sessions, such as the Hypervolt therapy gun, which will aid in muscle relaxation to allow for deeper and more thorough stretches.  Moreover, we also offer Soft Tissue Therapy, Combo Therapy (Soft Tissue and Stretch Therapy together), Compression Therapy and Inversion Therapy.

What should I expect to feel after a session?

After the session, be prepared to feel limber, loose and relaxed! Keep in mind, stretching still consists of contracting and relaxing the muscle groups so it is considered a very passive way to workout. Depending on activity levels you may or may not feel slight soreness the next day after your stretch. However, this is not a bad thing! It just indicates the muscles are moving in ways they aren’t normally accustomed to. This means the body is getting stronger! If soreness occurs then walking or general activity will help recover!

Do I need to Tip My Stretch Coach

While you are welcome to tip your Stretch Coach, it is not expected that you do so. 

What is our cancellation policy?

All appointments must be cancelled with at least 24 hours of notice in order to receive a refund. No-show appointments will also be charged full price. 

What should I wear to a session?

Comfortable clothing such as sweats or shorts. Avoid wearing clothes that will restrict movement. Please wear socks.

What can I expect during my 60 minute evaluation?

Our Stretch Coach will give you an examination before any stretches are done. You will go over a medical history and converse about any pains, aches or discomforts you’ve been feeling, as well past injuries. We will also put you through some range of motion testing. The major muscle groups and posture will be assessed through our warm up series. Lastly, we will finish off with pinpoint stretches that will help aid in the body parts that need it most!

Are the Stretch Coaches trained?

Yes! All stretch practitioners have gone through a rigorous training program and have an excellent range of knowledge on anatomy and how to safely and correctly perform all the stretches on all body types, ages and physiques.

Is there any time I shouldn’t stretch?

If you’re recently out of injury or surgery or haven’t been cleared by a doctor, then it would be best to avoid any stretches until you’re given the approval. We do not diagnose or take the place of a doctor, chiropractor or medical practitioner.

Where can I park?

We have two parking spots behind our facility. You are welcome to park in spot #20 (it is okay if you double park in another vehicle in front of that spot) or spot #7. You can also park in metered parking on the street. Moreover, there are typically free spots open on Sherman Place just a block away from the facility, as well.

Can I share my package with friends or family?

As long as the purchaser tells us that it is okay, then we are totally fine with it.

Do you host groups?

Yes! We host teams, companies, groups, etc. Please reach out if you are interested and we would be happy to accomadate!