About Us

Stretch, located in the heart of the beautiful Ridgewood, New Jersey, is a first class Assisted Stretching and Athletic Recovery Facility. We cater our services to all ages and fitness levels. At our facility we offer all sorts of recovery services, including Practitioner Assisted Stretching, Soft Tissue Therapy, Combo Therapy (Stretching / Soft Tissue), Cupping, Deep Tissue Ice Therapy, Compression Therapy (NormaTec) and Inversion Therapy, Percussive Therapy, Heat Therapy, and Recovery Classes. We are here to help people in their every day life, as well as in athletics. If you are dealing with back pain, stiffness or mobility issues, Stretch is the place for you. Whether your goals are to sleep better, get in and out of the car easier, walk around the park more comfortably, improve your golf swing, earn a college athletic scholarship or compete as a professional athlete, Stretch can help you in the pursuit of your goals. Every program is catered to your individual needs and desires. Our Stretch Coaches come from a variety of backgrounds, including yoga, massage therapy, professional sports, dance, exercise science and more. Our diverse staff gives us a wide knowledge base to tap into to give each client the best service possible.

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