We have the services you need to stay active

Complimentary First Session

The 30 minute session will give you a solid demonstration on what Stretch Ridgewood is all about. After a brief consultation, we will get into about 20-25 minutes of assisted stretching. Lastly, to end the session, you will be provided a personalized recommendation plan on how Stretch’s services can help you reach your goals.

Assisted Stretching

If you have any pain, tightness, stiffness or mobility issues then this is the service for you. Come get stretched, one-on-one, by a therapist trained specifically in the art of assisted stretching.

Compression Therapy

Dealing with sore legs? Hop in our NormaTec compression boots. Compression Therapy increases circulation to move fluid throughout the body. Moreover, this technology helps improve acute range of motion and accelerates muscle recovery by performing systematic, pulsing patterns.

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