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Complimentary First Session

The 30 minute session will give you a solid demonstration on what Stretch Ridgewood is all about. After a brief consultation, we will get into about 20-25 minutes of assisted stretching. Lastly, to end the session, you will be provided a personalized recommendation plan on how Stretch’s services can help you reach your goals.

Assisted Stretching

If you have any pain, tightness, stiffness or mobility issues then this is the service for you. Come get stretched, one-on-one, by a therapist trained specifically in the art of assisted stretching.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Pain is often the result of fascia or scar tissue build up. Come in to get worked on, one-on-one with a soft tissue specialist, who can offer traditional manual techniques, as well as percussion therapy with the Hypervolt Massage Gun.

Combo Therapy

Looking for a very holistic recovery session? If so, Combo Therapy is the answer. Start off with Soft Tissue Therapy to soften the muscles, before going into a practitioner-assisted stretch. Soft tissue work prior to stretching allows the muscles to lengthen further and leads to an ever more beneficial stretch.

Compression Therapy

Dealing with sore legs? Hop in our NormaTec compression boots. Compression Therapy increases circulation to move fluid throughout the body. Moreover, this technology helps improve acute range of motion and accelerates muscle recovery by performing systematic, pulsing patterns.

Small Group Recovery Class

Our small group trainings currently hold a maximum of five people at a time. There are always at least two trainers running the session. This is a great way to rejuvenate the body, as you will get a range of various recovery services during this hour session. The class will include practitioner-assisted stretching, soft tissue therapy, compression therapy, recovery spinning and directed self-myofascial work. 


Cupping is a therapy that involves placing suction cups on the skin. The vacuum effect created by the cups helps relieve muscle tension, reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and reduce pain.

Deep Tissue Ice Therapy

Deep Tissue Ice Therapy is essentially a combination of massage and icing. Your coach will begin your session by using traditional massage techniques to bring circulation. Once the muscles in that region are softened and warm your coach will begin using a cylindrical ice block to dig into the muscle in a similar fashion they would with their hands. Deep Tissue Ice Therapy is a critical component of the R.I.C.E. technique, which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. This is a therapy which can be particularly helpful in helping acute strains, contusions, or overuse injuries. The session will then end by removing the ice and finishing out with some more traditional massage methods that do not include ice.

Inversion Therapy

Inversion Therapy is used to helped decompress the spine to help reduce chronic back pain. Inversion Therapy works by strapping down into an inversion table and hanging upside down for a small period of time to try to lengthen the spine and increase the amount of space in between vertebrae.

Virtual Stretching

Want to work on you mobility from the comfort of your own home? If so, Virtual Stretching is the perfect solution. Over video conference we can take you through customized and personalized one-one-one guided stretches. No equipment is needed from your end to complete these sesesions, however, we can certainly incoprorate some equipment if you would like. We can utilized straps and bands to help you through stretches. Moreover, we can incorporate self-myofascial release techniques with the use of foam rollers, roller sticks, mobility balls, etc. 

Virtual Personal Training

Are you looking to accomplish your fitness goals without the hassle of leaving your home? If so, Virtual Personal Training is the option for you. Every session is personalized to your goals and needs. Our Certified Personal Trainers will be there with you every step of the way to guide, educate, and coach you along the way to accomplishing your fitness goals.

Fitness Program Writing

Do you want to work out on your own, with out a personal trainer, but still want guidance on what to do in the gym? Well, you are in luck! We can write you a personalized workout program just for you.  We can design it sepcifically to your needs, desires, and be sure to make it match the type of equipment you have available!

Corporate Wellness

Is your company looking for ways to keep your staff healthy, engaged, and happy? Are you looking for ways to build company culture? We offer custom programming to come up with the perfect package for your company. This could involve bringing our services to your company in-person or virtually. Contact us to start the convesration and build your customer corporate wellness program!

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