By Herman Gross

Typically, before people workout, they do some basic stretches to try and get themselves limber for their activity. However, there’s a step prior to stretching that is incredibly crucial – the warmup. A warmup will prepare the body for both stretching and exercise by increasing the bodies circulation and heat rate. The circulation flowing through the muscles will loosen up the joints and prepare those muscles to be as pliable as can be. Stretching on a cold muscle can result in an injury or strain, as the body is not prepared for rapid changes in the muscle fibers that result from stretching. In order to receive the full benefit of a stretch, it is important to actively warmup and prepare those muscles to move in all different directions. When the body is warmed up the muscles are ready to move, stretch, and be active!

Main benefits of warming up include:

  • Reduce chance of injury
  • Increased intake of oxygen
  • Increased body temperature
  • Increased blood flow and metabolism activation
  • Loosens up muscles and joints for durability
  • Mentally prepares you for your workout

Before receiving any of our services at Stretch Recovery Lounge, we guide you through a dynamic warmup and ensure that those muscles are ready to be stretched. Once you’re properly warmed up and begin to get stretched, you will find it much easier to push yourself and take your flexibility to the next level. In summation, please, do not forget to warmup before your workouts! The warmup can truly save you from an injury.

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