By: Debbie Jean

Cupping Therapy is a modality that we are proud to offer at Stretch Recovery Lounge in Ridgewood. Cupping is a hidden gem, as it is a treatment that has been around for a very long time, but still is relatively unknown to many people. It is derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine. In recent years, cupping has re-gained its popularity in the community of sports, health, wellness, and physical therapy professionals. So, you’re probably wondering, other than leaving red circles on your skin, what does it do? Cupping is used to treat pain and tight muscles. The treatment decompresses the area being treated. Most massage therapies are compressive, or pushing onto the muscle, while cupping performs the opposite effect, pulling outward.

During a cupping session, hard glass or plastic cups are placed on the muscle being treated and a pump is used to promote negative pressure, causing the skin and muscle fascia to pull upwards. This action releases tightness and promotes blood flow to the area. Every session will be different for different parts of the body. Sometimes the cups are placed and left to sit statically, while other times they are moved along the belly of the muscle to work the muscle fascia with a muscle stripping effect. Cupping does cause “bruising” but the marks go away within days, weeks, or months depending on the health of the area.

Cupping has been shown to be very effective with improving flexibility in the body and also helps to decrease pain. Soreness after workouts and activity is often due to an increase in lactic acid. Lactic acid develops from a metabolic reaction that takes place in the body during activity. Cupping helps remove this lactic acid to reduce soreness. Moreover, cupping helps remove toxins from body. After a cupping session it is suggested to drink lots of water in order to help flush those toxins even further.

Come check us out at Stretch Recovery Lounge and try this therapy out for yourself!

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