Ever wonder how dancers are able to extend beyond what seems like endless bounds? The way their legs elegantly move as if they dance in water? The way they twist and contort, like cobras through the earth? The answer is stretching! With a consistent regimen that gradually pushes the limits of the muscles, dancers are able to achieve the hyperextended state that we enjoy watching. You too can achieve these great feats with persistence and patience.

One of the incredible qualities of dancers is their dedication to stretching. They often stretch even when they’re doing non-dance related activities. The can be watching tv, reading a book and even using the stretching to relax! Without their consistent structured and non structured stretching, there would most definitely be an increase in muscle pulls and overall injuries in practices and events. Instead of viewing stretching as a simple routine or chore, they approach it is a lifestyle since their performances rely on limber muscles. Overall, everyone will benefit from daily stretching but a dancer cant be a dancer without a stretching routine!

Benefits of stretching for dancers:

  • Increased Posture
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Maintenance of muscle health
  • Help dancers get in tune with their body and understand proper placements
  • Creates benchmarks to reduce injury when performing
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